Goddess Print Series

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I have more artwork in my Etsy shop that is also called MelanieSinclairArt. These pieces are from a series celebrating the Divine Feminine.  Stop by and check it out, you might find something you like.

All my life I have noted the lack of the divine feminine in most of the religions of the world, and have had that fact brought home to me most explicitly in the many Art History classes I had to take in college. I had one instructor, he shall remain nameless who refused to even speculate that this image, dubbed the Venus of Willendorf, and now called the Lady of Willendorf, was an early representation of the Goddess. I felt that these historians were just participating in the patriarchal stripping and harnessing of women’s power.

All of this angst was also mixed up with my anger at women being excluded from so many occupations that were open to men, such as serving in combat, not that I am interested in going to war, but if I were, only recently would I have been allowed to. I have heard so many times that women could not handle the extremes of combat, while also hearing tales of women dressing as men and going to war throughout the ages, and getting no credit for those battles or the ones that they have fought at home for millennia. In response I created what started out as military type patches for women, and I applied them to several jackets like the one you see in this post. Then later I came to enjoy the Goddess image for it’s own sake and began to add it to item’s intended for use by anyone, male or female who would like to add a bit of the Divine Feminine to their lives.  These images are screenprinted onto fabric and then either sewn, collaged or simply pinned to found and repurposed objects.